Halloween Costumes and Accessories for Adults
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I created Adults-Halloween-Costume.com because I just adore Halloween costumes. But its not easy to find the right costume at the right price. You can try a temporary Halloween store, but they are only open a few weeks out of the year, the selection is comparatively limited, their merchandise is geared towards a certain age group and certain clothing sizes, you have to deal with crowds and sales clerks, and there’s no way to compare prices. And if you want a costume at any other time of the year except Halloween, you’re probably out of luck.

There are lots of benefits to shopping for costumes on the internet: there’s greater competition, so better prices and selection, greater range of costumes (many costume retailers who have both temporary stores and an internet store sell a limited portion of their stock in brick and mortar stores, and offer many additional products “online only”), and you can often get special coupon codes and promotional codes for additional discounts that are only available online. You can shop at ten at night, in your pajamas, try the costume on in the comfort of your own home, and a number of sites include “customer reviews”, so you can often read what other people who bought the costume think of its quality, durability, how to accessorize it, etc. BEFORE you buy.

Since 12/01/2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires websites to disclose financial compensation and/or gifts in kind they receive in exchange for posting positive reviews. This isn’t a “review” site, I’m not reviewing any of the costumes or costume retailers myself, just providing pictures, price comparisons, basic information, accessory suggestions and links to customer reviews, but I’m happy to comply regardless. This website is not sponsored by any company, nobody is paying me or plying me with merchandise to create and maintain this site. I, and I alone, have editorial control over this website, what pages get created are solely based on what kind of costumes I feel like looking at on any particular day, any opinions expressed (good or bad) are genuinely my own, and I am the only person who determines what gets included in this site, and that decision is based solely on my own whims and fancies.

This site does contain affiliate links, however. It’s the quickest way to get permission to use manufacturer and vendor photos, for one thing. If you click on an affiliate link on this website and make a purchase (whether it’s the item I featured or not), the vendor may pay this site a small commission because you found their site through my own. Using affiliate links doesn’t cost you anything, I don’t receive any identifying information regarding you or your identity, and it does not affect the price you pay. In fact, I hope to be able to save you money by providing money saving tips, providing price comparisons, and bringing sales and new merchants to your attention.

I hope you find this website useful and informative, that you bookmark this site, and tell your friends and relatives about it, too. And to be clear, everyone is welcome to use this site as much as they like, whether they make purchases through the affiliate links or not.

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